Echium Pininana


Echium Pininana is another dramatic tropical plant found at The Orangery. A biennial or triennial originally from the Canary Islands, the plant grows fantastical rosettes of long thin silver-haired leaves in the first year. Each rosette produces tall stalks of spear-like leaves that can reach 12 feet by the second year. Dozens of small flowers spiral around the length of the spears to its full height. A truly stunning plant, the flower spirals come in mid and late summer. At the end of its second year sow the seeds from your first echium and start the process over again.

We sell seedlings up to a year old in 2 litre pots so you can enjoy the magnificent swirls of blue/silver flowers in your first or second year. Protect from hard frosts and wet winters.

  • Origin: Canary Islands
  • Genus: Echium
  • Species: Pininana
  • Synonym: Echium pinnifolium
  • Common Name: Viper's Bugloss. tower of Jewels
  • Situation: Full sun, moist, well-draining soil can tolerate dry after established
  • Eventual height: 2.5-4m
  • Eventual spread: .5-1m
  • Hardiness: H2
  • Skill level: Intermediate

2 litre pot - £40

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