Half a Tamworth Pork Box


Enjoyed in Michelin starred restaurants around the country, pork from the Tamworth breed of pig is unsurpassed in flavour, texture, colour and marbling. Our Tamworths are outdoor-reared from birth and enjoy an all-natural diet in the grass pastures and woodlands of The Orangery farm. This means our pork is of the absolute highest standard and makes the ideal centrepiece to any meal.

Half a Tamworth pork Box £170

  • Spare rib joints: 2 shoulder joints (boned and rolled) approx 2 kg
  • Leg joints: 2 large joints (boned and rolled) approx 2.5 kg
  • Pork chops: 12 chunky cut loin chops
  • Belly pork: 2 joints of belly pork. Approx 1.2 kg each
  • Sausage: 8 packs of 6 handmade farm sausages

Our Tamworth boxes are made fresh to order. Once you place an order, our Personal Shopping Team will contact you to confirm a delivery date. 

Delivered fresh or frozen.  We have a limited supply of both as we are building our pedigree stock.

For orders of pieces or smaller boxes of lamb, pork, sausage or bacon please allow anywhere from one to two weeks for delivery. Contact us at shop@orangery.life to arrange the perfect combination.

All meat is delivered next day from dispatch (not order) by courier in cardboard boxes with chill strips to keep it fresh or frozen.
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