Rare Breed Tamworth Pigs at The Orangery

 Tamworth Pigs

Devon-based luxury estate retreat, The Orangery, is now home to a working rare breed farm, where animals are brought up in a natural environment in which they happily thrive. The result is animals that live a good life and provide a product of exceptional quality.

Nature First Approach and Rare Breeds Only

The Orangery provides us with a fine example of sustainable farming, where the ‘nature first’ approach is delivered by combining traditional methods with modern technology.  

Producing meat of the highest standard means raising the best breeds and allowing them to live in their natural outdoor environment. This philosophy runs through the sustainable rare breed farm at the Orangery. The Letts family keeps breeds such as the rare breed Tamworth pig and the badger face sheep, both of which are allowed to grow naturally in an outdoor environment, producing tender, flavorsome meat.

The Orangery firmly believes that this approach ensures the survival of the existing ecosystem by taking care not disturb the natural biological cycles of the land and the animals. It is a philosophy that exemplifies wildlife and agriculture working together, hand-in-hand.

Tamworth Pigs

Thought to have been introduced by Sir Robert Peel into his farm in Tamworth in 1812, this rare breed is to date widely considered to be the purest representative of the native British pig. The Tamworth’s long head and snout allow it to forage in woodland, as it did two hundred years ago in the dense forests that used to cover the Midlands. The Tamworth is described as a ‘bacon’ breed, which means it grows slowly on low energy food, thus producing succulent, well-marbled meat.

The rare breed Tamworth’s at the Orangery have been roaming the woodland, foraging, and eating grass and wildflowers since April 2016. These pigs have been able to live the life their ancestors enjoyed and coupled with their healthy diet, a tender, well-marbled meat is produced, which is higher in Omega 3’s than oily fish.  Their meat is highly sought after by Michelin chefs around the country and is available through the Orangery’s online shop.

The succulent taste of meat grown in a working rare farm environment like the Orangery is only one of the main benefits of this meat. Commercially produced pigs are not only confined to pens and bred to grow quickly, they also only live for around 16 weeks.  Scientific studies are now showing that sustainably raised meat is good for you.  It contains less fat, fewer calories, high levels of omega three fatty acids, vitamin E, beta-carotene, and many other essential nutrients that are lacking in commercially produced meat.  

Where to buy

The rare breed Tamworth pigs’ meat can be purchased at the Orangery online store where a selection of only ten pigs is currently available for pre-order



November 09, 2016 by The Orangery
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