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Since it was established in 1740, The Orangery has been working to combine man-made beauty with nature. Three hundred years later we still use sustainable methods to allow wildlife and agriculture to thrive together. Putting nature first is, for us, a lifestyle choice and the secret to the quality of all our products.

At our online shop customers from all walks of life can bring a bit of the Orangery’s magic into their own homes. From homewares to ethically raised meat, the shop offers the opportunity to be sure that you are supporting small-scale farmers and producers who use traditional methods rather than industrialised massive factory farms.

Our Meat

All our meat is slowly reared to a natural maturity for a full flavoured eating experience. Orangery Rare Breed Meat You won’t find our animals over-crowded or living in sheds.
All of our animals live outdoors year-round and have the luxury of a natural diet of grasses and wildflowers.
Our philosophy of nature first farming means that our Tamworth pigs and Badger Face sheep grow at a natural pace. 
The provenance of food, particularly meat, is becoming more and more important to educated consumers.

More people are choosing to support sustainably produced food and by buying online through businesses like the Orangery you to can be part of supporting the small-scale traditional farmer that is still alive in the SouthWest. 

Home Collection

SheepSkins - Orangery Life Online ShopThe Orangery is proud of the stunning collection of products for the home. We use only natural ingredients from our farm and work with skilled craftsmen to produce items that are both luxurious and sustainable.

Unique Plants

Our stunning gardens at The Orangery were originally designed by Capability Brown. Orangery Plants
Hidden on Devon’s coast, Brown’s two-hundred-year-old cedars are scattered throughout the estate.

Today, we continue to build on the horticultural heritage that The Orangery has been given and we can share some of our more magnificent specimens with you.


All products of the Orangery shops are produced in limited quantities. To buy from The Orangery please visit our shop.

November 18, 2016 by The Orangery
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