Our first season of lamb and pork is proving a great success!

Life is getting back to normal again after Christmas and all the festivities. The weather has been mild and very helpful! Christmas has been a huge success and we have sold more of our rare breed lamb and pork then we imagined. Thankfully the new freezer has arrived and so we'll be able to keep up with new orders.


New Breeding Season
We put our champion rams with the breeding ewe flock in November and they've headed back to their home field to get some well deserved recuperation time. The ewes are settling down and we're preparing for lambing season around April. Meanwhile we've worked out a schedule with our abattoir to keep us stocked with lamb and mutton for the year.


Preparing the Farm

The Orangery is committed to providing sustainable farming, where the ‘nature first’ approach is primary. We're working hard to raise our flocks according to their natural rhythms.

We've also been busy creating new hedgerows, improving the fields and fencing and taking advantage of the dry weather to get as much done as possible. We're also looing at some new programs to attract additional wildlife and special meadow flowers to the area.

Where to Buy

The rare breed Orangery meat can be purchased at the online store where a selection of our pork and lamb is available for delivery.

January 20, 2017 by The Orangery
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