Visit us during April's lambing season


The lambing season is one of my favourite times on the farm and I love to walk around the fields and see the new births. At the Orangery we are very lucky that our Welsh Badger Faces are accomplished mothers. They generally are no fuss and they prefer to lamb out of doors. That means in only rare cases do we need to use the field shelters to help the mothers' birth or help the new lambs bond with their moms. 

Guests are welcome to join us on our morning walk around the sheep and lambs. You may even be lucky enough to see a lamb born in front of you! Some lucky guests already have.

We check that the animals are all healthy and assist any sheep that need it during the birth. Then we make sure that the lambs that have been born are feeding well. 

Right after birth is the most crucial time and it's important that the lambs receive their first drink from their mother. The first drink is filled with colostrum, nature's version of an energy drink and it contains carbs, protein and antibodies essential for a newborn lamb. 

Our alpaca's are the constant lambing guardians. And its an amazing sight of lambs sprinting in the early evening - dashing up and down the hills or rolling about with their alpaca babysitters.

This year promises to be mild in comparison to previous years and at the height of the lambing season we'll be seeing new lambs being born everyday – singles and twins, we haven't had any triplets yet. But they'll all be enjoying the warm spring sunshine. 

No matter how many times I see it, the birth of a lamb is always special and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to witness so much new life on my doorstep. Seeing the new lambs playing with their friends in the fields is positively joyous. 


February 07, 2017 by Kara Cardinale
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