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The entire history of The Orangery has been about the great outdoors, a healthy life and a natural way of living. Since our 2016 redevelopment, this healthy and natural lifestyle is a core part of our beliefs which has been made clear in our sustainable farming methods.

What is Nature First?

Nature first is a new movement in sustainable farming. This movement combines traditional farming methods that integrate the natural biological cycles of the land and animals, while still using modern technology.

Nature first means that we aren’t just taking from nature, we’re giving to it and there are numerous ways that we can do this. We have, for example, planted new hedgerows that will encourage bees and other wildlife to flourish. We also regularly move our animals so that the land doesn’t become overgrazed. It’s also important to us to avoid using any unnatural chemical compounds that may damage the land or its wildlife.

This means that we can not only provide extremely high-quality products, but we can do this knowing that we have worked in an ethical manner.

How we do it 

We produce meat of the absolute highest standard. To do this, we keep only the finest breeds of animal and ensure that they can lead natural, healthy and happy lives – all of which is spent in the great outdoors, roaming our land. This is the philosophy that is at the heart of our rare breed farm, and it’s also the reason our meat tastes so good.

Modern farming techniques involve using animals that have been bred over years for traits that make for more profitable farming. These are animals that grow very large, very quickly. They rely on commercial feed. Many of them are born and raised in large barns and have never even been outside. Here at The Orangery we keep traditional pure rare breeds. Our animals grow more slowly, and still have the characteristics that make them unique.  The badger-face sheep is a smaller sheep, that is perfectly suited and prefers a hilly, varied terrain. They are expert foragers and thrive on a diverse habitat.  This results in meat that produces a much deeper and far more intense flavour. They are native to Britain, hardy and perfectly suited to our climate. They live outside all year round and live on a completely natural diet of wildflowers, grasses and other forage.

About the Orangery Rare Breeds

We have been keeping Tamworth pigs here at The Orangery since April 2016, and our first sales of meat were available in October. Tamworth’s are already recognised across Britain for the quality of meat that they produce, and you’ll find many Michelin starred restaurants have recipes that specifically include Tamworth pork. We’re proud to say that we produce some of the best tasting Tamworth pork available thanks to our natural farming methods.

We keep a pedigree herd of Badger Face Welsh Mountain sheep and welsh mules. Both the pigs and sheep live according to their natural rhythms.

Want to try our delicious pork or lamb?

Our meat is produced in limited quantities, and meat boxes can be bought direct from the farm through our online store.

December 09, 2016 by The Orangery
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